MewSim: your dream cat is waiting for you!

MewSim is a comic interactive simulator spiced with a humorous animation of the main character. In MewSim you should take care of a cat, bring it up and it depends completely on you what kind of a character your pet will be: either obedient and affectionate or just a little evil!

MewSim iOS Android MewSim iOS Android

You can choose sex and color of your pet and give it a name. Every pet is the unique in its kind as it’s provided with the unique characteristics, abilities and talents. Every sex – male or female – has its own animation, specific behavior, traits and point of view! But what you will love most is incredibly comic animation of your pet! Every second of the pet’s life is animated, it interacts with all the objects in its house, moreover, the objet themselves are animated!

MewSim iOS Android MewSim iOS Android

As bright extras there are 2 absorbing mini-games influencing on the main gameplay. Your awards, earned in mini-games, will be pinned on a fridge in your in-game kitchen. You also can exchange your cat with your friends via Bluetooth. Thus, you can get a friend’s cat and try to reform its character or vice versa completely spoil it!